How Can We Help You?

Just Breathe is much more than a salt room. It is a community. A community of people who want to be and stay healthy and understand that doing so involves so much more than visiting the doctor for a yearly check-up. The people in this community do not define themselves by their symptoms and while some do identify with a diagnosis, many chose not to. At the end of the day, a diagnosis is just a group of symptoms that have a label put on them and symptoms are your body’s way of communicating to you that there is something wrong.

Maybe you have been exposed to toxins through food, personal care products, or even through the air that breathe. Perhaps you have been dealing with some form of stress that you are completely unaware of which may be physical or emotional. For whatever you may be dealing with, Just Breathe is developing into a center with a variety of tools to help you get and stay healthy.

I like to say that if your arm is falling off, please, do not call me. As a health coach, I cannot help you.  At Just Breathe, we address health concerns that are chronic in nature. One example would be that headache that you have had for months. You finally decided that It has gotten to the point that you called your doctor who gave you medication to take when you feel it coming on. Were you asked how much water you drink in a day and was it explained to you why water is so important in helping to control your headaches? Were your sleeping habits examined? How about your levels of stress? Have you been trying to hide behind the headaches and use it to escape the world and only suppress it with medications when you can’t hide anymore? Or, maybe, that headache is coming on because you are not trusting your intuition meaning it is more emotional in nature.

As we build the community at Just Breathe, we offer you options to identify why you have a chronic headache or other conditions. You might consider an initial consult with a Functional Medicine Health Coach or a Life Coach to help you identify if the symptoms you are experiencing are physical, emotional, or a mix of the two.  Suggestions would be made to help guide you on which programs might be best suited to help you relieve those symptoms. Some of those programs may be offered at Just Breathe and some may be outsourced from our large toolbox of collaborations.

If you have Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, general aches and pains, signs of getting “old,” or feel great and want to stay that way, I invite you to join the community at Just Breathe if you haven’t already. An initial intake with a Functional Medicine Health Coach can be scheduled through the Mindbody App or by calling 508-366-8292 or, perhaps, you just want to jump right in and try salt therapy, Guided Meditation, or receive a healing from one of our many very gifted healers. I always say that we know intuitively what we need but, sometimes, we need some guidance.

Myself and my growing community of holistic practitioners look forward to helping you.