How Can We Help You?

Just Breathe is much more than a salt room. It is a community. A community of people who want to be and stay healthy and understand that doing so involves so much more than visiting the doctor for a yearly check-up. The people in this community do not define themselves by their symptoms and while some do identify with a diagnosis, many chose not to. At the end of the day, a diagnosis is just a group of symptoms that have a label put on them and symptoms are your body’s way of communicating to you that there is something wrong.

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Who Can Benefit from Energy Healing?

Do you have a chronic physical or emotional problem that is not finding resolution through regular medical treatment? Energy healing may be the solution that you are looking for.

Bodies function through electrical current. Electrons, which are the same particles that make electricity work, allow our bodies to function properly.

Energy work is similar to being recharged, much as you would recharge a battery.

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Girl’s Only – Sorry Guys!


Being a woman in today’s world is really tough. There are so many things that are expected of us and it is hard to find the support and love that we want and crave.

For years I was in a J.O.B. that was chosen for me by my mother. She always wanted me to be a doctor and it never felt right to me. However, she was my Mom so I did as she wished. Kind of. I did go to school in a pre-med program but, forever being the “practical” child and knowing that being a physician did not ring true for me, I took a program that led to being able to work in a clinical lab. For some reason, on my journey, I also decided that people weren’t my thing, so I found lab work perfect. I could follow my mother’s wishes and study medicine and not have to actually deal with the population.

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