Why Sugar is Considered Poisonous

Summer is a time to let our hair down, or put it in a messy bun, and relax! We spend days on the beach, go camping, spend time with family and friends and might not be so careful about our food choices.  I am an admitted sugar addict and, in the summer, sugar definitely creeps back in to my diet with so many sweet desserts readily available.

Sugar is such an interesting chemical. Besides being responsible for causing pre-diabetes and diabetes, high blood sugar has also been linked to high triglycerides, heart conditions, PCOS, kidney disease, problems with the eyes and more, it is also hard to eliminate from our diet because it actually reacts in our brains in a similar way as drugs which makes it addictive. And this is why, I, personally, prefer to eliminate it from my diet in a group setting. But I get ahead of myself.

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