What to Expect

When you first walk into Just Breathe, leave the rest of the world behind.

Please, arrive 15 minutes prior to your session. This will give you time to fill out paperwork and visit the restroom so that you can experience your session without interruptions.

You are welcome to sit in our comfortable reception area and peruse a magazine or health-related book from our loaning library while waiting for your session in the salt room.

You will be escorted to a room where you will be asked to remove your shoes and are encouraged to put your belongings in a basket for safe keeping. We do not encourage any electronic devices in the salt room. Wear comfortable clothing and socks. The salt room is maintained at a temperature of 68-70 F and 40-50% humidity. There are blankets provided on each chair for your comfort.

Once the session begins, just sit back, enjoy the sounds of waves crashing or birds chirping, relax and breathe deep! The salt will do the rest! You may taste salt on your lips and feel it on your skin. You may also experience a dry or scratchy throat during the session. This is normal but there is no food or drink allowed in the salt room.

After a session, you are encouraged to drink water. A salt session can be very detoxifying. After a session you may experience a slight cough, minor tightness in the chest or a runny nose. Everybody is different.

Some people experience this right away, some not until later in the day or the next morning and some people never feel these things but still benefit from salt therapy.