Salt Therapy

Dry salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, can benefit children and adults. There are several ways that you can enjoy salt sessions in our beautiful Himalayan salt room:

– Community Sessions: occur on the top of the hour during our business hours. You may enjoy the room with up to 5 new friends.

– Family Sessions: for people 3 months to 16 years with their parent or guardian. We offer special family times Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10 am or by appointment.

– Adult Naptime is offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon. This is a special quiet-time of 30 minutes to help you be more productive during your day.

– Private Sessions are available by appointment. Bring up to 8 of your friends for a special event or just because. Private Sessions are great for business meetings, bridal parties, book groups, Mommy groups, etc. or for when you just want to be alone

Packages and memberships are available.


The Trager Practitioner guides the body of the client through a series of gentle, rhythmic movements that facilitate release of holding patterns in the body and mind. This is offered at Just Breathe by Linda MacConnell who is a Certified Trager Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist. For more information about the Trager Approach please visit Linda’s website at

Energy Healing/ Transformational Reiki


Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Functional medicine is about helping you get to the root cause of what is causing you to not feel the absolute best that you can. If you have a headache, instead of telling you to take an aspirin which, if taken too frequently, will lead to ulcers and other concerns, Missy will help you discover WHY you are getting that headache and through testing, education, guidance and cheerleading, help you move away from what is not serving your unique body.

Missy Cohen MPH and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner has worked in clinical laboratories for over 30 years. She discovered functional medicine while helping her own son and then, later, herself to heal. When she realized that conventional medicine was frequently doing more harm than good, she realized that she was no longer serving her own needs or those of others. She is the owner of Just Breathe, as well as the health coach. You can learn more about her journey here.

Missy offers individual and group functional medicine coaching and also 3 detoxes a year.

Salted Meditation – every Wednesday at noon and Thursday at 6:30 pm

Guided meditation is led by Francesca Marrone, Energy Practitioner. Meditation occurs in the salt room and is completed with a message from your angels.

Chakra Balancing – every Tuesday at 6:30 pm

Using essential oils, crystals, guided meditation, gentle exercise and energy healings, Mimi Bodreau, Certified Yoga Instructor and Energy Healer, helps us rebalance our Chakras. Each week we focus on different Chakra.



We also offer a variety of workshops. Please, visit our Special Events page to see what is coming up.