Missy Cohen, MPH, owner of Just Breathe

Owner of Just Breathe, a salt room by New Beginnings to Health

I have worked in the world of conventional or “Western” medicine for the past 30 years but have never been completely satisfied with the information, treatments or solutions that I was given for my children’s health or my own. A few years back, my doctor gave me a diagnosis of fibroids and informed me that I needed surgery. I asked the surgeon why I had them and she nodded sagely at me and said, “Everyone gets them.”

I went on to get a second opinion from a Functional Medicine Physician. This type of physician works with people to get to the root cause of their ailments. She informed me that fibroids are quite common in people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic and did some testing on me that demonstrated that I was pre-diabetic. Other testing to get to my root cause demonstrated that the fatigue that I had literally struggled with my entire life was caused by adrenal fatigue, a condition that Western medicine is just starting to recognize as a concern but has symptoms of poor sleep, never waking refreshed, feelings of anxiety and depression and, if left untreated, may lead to an actual nervous breakdown.

I went on to work with a health and wellness coach who convinced me that if I continued to make the choices that I was making I was going to become diabetic and have to manage all the health challenges that that brings with it – kidney failure, blindness, neuropathy and more. I worked with her to make some changes to my diet and lifestyle that resulted in reversing my pre-diabetes, eliminating the fibroids without surgery, improving my sleep and giving her more energy and clarity than she ever thought possible.

One of the biggest changes that I had to make was to learn to take time out of my life to relax and play. Meditation, yoga and spending time outside were key contributors to reversing my adrenal fatigue and giving me the life that I never had. One that is filled with energy, enthusiasm and the joy associated with having close family and friends. My salt room and wellness center, Just Breathe, is a place that people can come to that provides an escape from the outside world and creates a space for them to relax, restore and renew. In addition to the experience of the salt room, people may also receive alternative therapies at Just Breathe such as acupuncture, Reiki, healing energy work or learning proper nutrition and discover their own root cause through working with a Certified Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coach.