Francesca Marrone, Energy Medicine Practitioner

When providing healings, Francesca relies on her intuition, as well as the consultation with the client to fully understand where the focus of healing should be.  The body’s energy centers or chakras become blocked when there has been stress or trauma which leads to pain, depression, or a feeling of being stuck in life. Francesca’s healings focus on balancing her clients’ energy, and bringing out their overall sense of well-being to the body and soul.

Francesca is a gifted healer. Friends and family members often tell her that her warm, up-beat, and soothing energy helps them feel better just by being around her.  She has an easy going, comforting, and compassionate nature that helps clients feel relaxed and at ease.  Her desire to help people is what led her to become an Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Francesca is a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, a Teaching Assistant at Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing, and a Reiki Master.