Ear Candling – I Tried It

When I first opened Just Breathe, I hear about a lot of holistic and alternative practices. One of the things that I had heard about over a year ago was ear coning or candling. Being someone that had grown up on Cape Cod and been told as a young child that I “had lobsters in my ear,” which was my pediatrician’s polite way of saying I had a lot of wax build up, I was intrigued by the idea of having that wax removed and finding out what it feels like to actually hear.

Then I met Anastasia. Anastasia is a healer who practices ear candling.

I decided that I wanted to get this treatment and signed up for a session with her. The results were incredible!

I laid down on a massage table on my back while gentle music played and the sweet smell of incense wafted around the room. My treatment started with a 15 minute Reiki session to help me relax and a light massage of my head and ears to get things loosened up. It was very calming.

Anastasia then took a candle-shaped tube made with beeswax and muslin and lit one end on fire. The other end she guided into my ear. The smoke from the fire travels down the tube and warms the stuff in the ear which is gently drawn out and into the bottom of the “candle.” If you have allergies to beeswax, she would use candles made with paraffin which she says are just as effective.

This whole experience took about an hour and, after the treatment, because at the end of the day, I am still a scientist and wanted to see, Anastasia unrolled the muslim and showed me all the ear was and other stuff that had been pulled out of my ear.

After my treatment, I found that I was very tired but had a lot less congestion and could hear clearly, possibly for the first time in my life. I enjoyed the whole experience and slept for a solid 8 hours that night. That alone made the whole experience worth it!

Ear candling is not a new practice. Many cultures have practiced this including the ancient Chinese, Tibetans, Egyptians, and the Native Americans. My dear friend, Francesca, talks about watching her Italian aunts during this practice when she was a child.

Ear candling works on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It relieves discomfort and congestion in the head, ear, and sinus. It removes excessive ear wax and excess fluid from the ears which, as someone who has always had excessive ear wax, I can’t begin to tell you what it feels like to actually hear. It may relieve symptoms of headaches, allergies, and swimmer’s ears. It also relieves sinus pressure and aids in helping people find relief from sinus infections, chronic sinusitis, tinnitus, ear infections, itchy ears and TMJ.

Depending on why you decide to receive an ear candling would determine how often you should repeat the procedure. Because of my excessive wax build up and a chronic systemic yeast infection, Anastasia recommended that I see her weekly or at least bi-weekly.

Just Breathe is excited to be offering this opportunity for the community to receive ear candling with Anastasia Wednesday afternoons. The cost is $80 paid directly to the practitioner. Please call 508-366-8292 to schedule your appointment and consider a session in our beautiful Himalayan salt room prior to your session to help loosen up anything that might need to be released.