Salt Therapy

Book open or private salt sessions. We love children and kids can certainly benefit from salt therapy as well as adults. There are special family hours for parents to enjoy the salt room with their children who are under the age of 16.

Packages and memberships are available.

Note: Private Sessions are great for business meetings, bridal parties, book groups, Mommy groups, etc. or for when you just want to be alone.

Family Salt Sessions

Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Functional medicine is about helping you get to the root cause of what is causing you to not feel the absolute best that you can. If you have a headache, instead of telling you to take an aspirin which, if taken too frequently, will lead to ulcers and other concerns, Missy will help you discover WHY you are getting that headache and through testing, education, guidance and cheerleading, help you move away from what is not serving your unique body.

Missy Cohen MPH and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner has worked in clinical laboratories for over 30 years. She discovered functional medicine while helping her own son and then, later, herself to heal. When she realized that conventional medicine was frequently doing more harm than good, she realized that she was no longer serving her own needs or those of others. She is the owner of Just Breathe, as well as the health coach. You can learn more about her journey here.

Missy offers individual and group functional medicine coaching and also 3 detoxes a year.
Salted Meditation – every Tuesday at 6 pm. Meditation in the salt room.

Salted Yoga – every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm. Yoga in the salt room.

Tai Chi for all levels – every Wednesday at 7 p m in the salt room

Tai-Chi has many definitions from a dance to a “soft” form of martial art.It has also been called a gentle form of energy healing as well as a moving meditation.
Join Ron Allen on Wednesday evening at 7 pm to your path of better health and mental focus.
His passion for sharing this tradition of body /mind discipline is open to All levels no previous experience necessary. Having class in the Salt room will heighten our  experience each week.

Alchemy Crystal Bowl Meditations – every other Saturday. Starting March 25th.