Get Your body summer ready

It is that time of year, again!

It is time to shed your winter clothes and expose your skin, and body, to the world!

Are you ready?

It is time for our detox, or cleanse, which I do myself and encourage my clients to do three times a year – more if you need to recover and reset from a vacation.

I look at a cleanse as just that – a reset. A chance to push the button and get your body functioning optimally again.

There are so many chemicals in the world today that were not in our air, water and even food prior to World War II and the level of chemicals in our environment is increasing every day. Our liver should be helping us eliminate toxins from our environment but it can easily get overloaded and stressed and sometimes needs a little love.

If you think of our liver like an apartment. You can bag up the trash but, if you don’t actually take it out, eventually your apartment gets overrun with garbage. This also happens with the liver. If you do not take out the trash, i.e. have regular, and by regular I mean at least one bowel movement, daily,  the trash piles up and eventually starts pushing through into your neighbors’ apartments (other organs) and into the hallway. It ends up stored in our fat cells and we get fat and uncomfortable. We don’t sleep well as our body tries to stay caught up with all the trash it needs to recycle and it ends up trying to leave our body out of our skin, so we get acne or psoriasis.

In our cleanse, we remove the food and food-like stuff that prevents our livers from working effectively. We take out sugar, caffeine (I KNOW – I struggle with that one too!), alcohol, gluten, dairy and soy. This can also be called a “detox” because we “detox” our bodies from all this junk. The cleanse runs for 10 days and people who have experienced it in the past say that they sleep better, lose their cravings, have regular bowel movements, no longer experience regular headaches, get rid of congestion, notice their joints do not hurt – oh, AND, many people lose weight! It is really exciting to see how people who go through this program feel by the end.

This program does not require that you buy a slew of supplements, fast or do any kind of juicing. I will work with you to educate you on what food really is, how to prepare it and how to train your taste buds to enjoy it. There is nothing “weird” in this program – although some may find vegetables to be a little outside of their comfort zone!

You will be provided with tips on how to help your body detoxify, how to streamline your kitchen so that cooking isn’t a chore, a meal plan, yummy recipes and the supports of newbies and veterans, alike, on our closed FB group.

If you are interested in joining our “Get Your Body Summer Ready” Cleanse, click here.

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