A Natural Sleep Aid

My son is 19 and his head hits the pillow at 10 pm and he is out cold until he naturally wakes up at 6:30 am, gets out of bed with a pleasant, “Good Morning, ” and starts his day with a good breakfast – usually eggs with a vegetable and goes out ready to take on the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all experience this?

There are many things that this boy practices that are not common place.

First of all, he avoids all blue lights before bed. He does not work on his computer, look at his phone or use an e-reader. He doesn’t have to because he has a high level of discipline that allows him to focus and get his work done during the day. (Okay – now I am REALLY bragging about him.)

He likes to do something relaxing for him before bed. Frequently, he will go for a swim or a light run. That might be too strenuous for many of us before bed. As a health coach, I recommend some light stretching, maybe gentle yoga, meditation or a walk about an hour before bed.

He frequently reads what he calls a “Twinkie” book before going to bed. A Twinkie book is something the children’s librarian shared with us years ago. It is a light, fluffy book that is an easy read and does not have a disturbing topic. My boy likes political thrillers or young adult fantasy. He spends a lot of time with Harlan Corben or Melvin DeMille.

Finally, he sleeps with a Himalayan salt lamp on a low table next to his bed.

There are several things that a Himalayan salt lamp does that can improve your sleep, as it does my son’s.

  1. It offers a soft light that does not affect our biochemistry.


Our bodies release chemicals when it gets dark that trigger us to go to and stay asleep. When we expose ourselves to the blue lights of computers, t.v. screens, cell phones and e-readers, our bodies do not recognize that it is time to sleep. In short, we do not make the hormones that are designed to get to sleep and stay to sleep.


Himalayan salt lamps are salt crystals which contain over 84 minerals. It is these minerals that determine the color of the lamps. Some of them are lighter, almost white, and others have a softer orange hue. The light a salt lamp emits should not be bright enough to read by and helps our bodies to recognize that it is time to get ready for sleep. Also, should you wake in the middle of the light, a Himalayan salt lamp offers enough light to safely get to the bathroom without fully waking up so you can go right back to sleep.


  1. A Himalayan salt lamp is nature’s air filter.

If you wake up in the middle of the night because of a stuffy nose, a Himalayan salt lamp may be the answer. These lamps are naturally hygroscopic, meaning that they draw the moisture in the air toward them. Dust, pollen, animal dander, and the like are trapped in water molecules. When the water is drawn to the lamp, these things are trapped in the salt and the heat from the bulb in your lamp, redistributes the water to the air. This reduces the allergens in the air which is why people with asthma or allergies find relief from being around them on a regular basis.

  1. Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions.

Why is this important?  Positive ions are released from our computers, cell phones, air conditioners, t.v.’s, pretty much anything that is man-made. Negative ions are released from running water such as a waterfall or a rainy day – and from the salt lamps. The positive ions have been shown to decrease the brain’s blood and oxygen supply which causes disruptions in sleep. By increasing our exposure to negative ions, there is an increase of the blood and oxygen supply which decreases stress, increases alertness, decreases drowsiness and allows for more mental energy.


According to a survey in CareerBuilder, 60% of the population is not getting enough sleep which is affecting their work. Twenty percent of the population has called out to work because they need more sleep. Being tired results in less motivation, decreased productivity and increases the chances of making mistakes.

If you are not finding that you are getting the described benefits of owning a Himalayan salt lamp, it may be because your salt lamp is not a real deal. Find out if your lamp is real or not by following this link: “5 Ways to Know Your Himalayan Salt Lamp is Real.”