What is the Trager Approach?

Have you thought about the connection between your body and your mind? I bet that you have, because mindfulness is everywhere right now. Dr. Milton Trager developed an approach that integrates the two through movement and awareness.

Did you know that sitting at a desk does not cause your neck or back tension? It is HOW you are sitting at the desk, or standing, walking, and feeling that makes it good for you, or not.. It’s more than ergonomics, placing your screen at the correct level etc. That is all very helpful, but I like to think of Trager as “inner ergonomics”. You could still be holding tension in your neck muscles because your 10 pound head is slightly forward. You may not even know that your are doing that! What if you had help with how your head can rest easily at the top of your spine? What if you given images that help that feeling of effortlessness sink in? That is how patterns are transformed,  by continuously offering new possibilities of how we move! Efficient movement is health and offers a feeling of agelessness.

There are two ways of learning the Trager Approach, and both help the learning process of the other. The first is a Trager for Daily Life Class. It is time for you to slow down, explore and be playful with your movement patterns. You will have the opportunity to sense what feels good for your body and soul. Often, all we need is some time and focus to discover new possibilities of how we can feel. Join me in this self discovery practice!

Here is a testimonial from a Trager for Daily Life Class: “I will definitely refer friends to this class because the info is so great. It has really helped me!”

The second is by a private session. Most of the session is done on a massage table, the recipient is clothed in comfortable attire that allows for easy movement. Imagine being moved in such a way that the sensation of ease reaches deep down into your nervous system and allows for deep healing of body and mind.

A testimonial from a private session: ”Hi Linda ~ so happy you are doing this work!  I received one your your treatments well over 6 months ago (probably closer to a year now…) and my shoulder issue has completely gone away since the treatment ~ thank you !! The work is simply amazing !!! After receiving many different types of bodywork, Trager is by far one of my favorite modalities to receive.”

Trager for Daily Life Classes,Private Sessions  and massage are offered at Just Breathe in Westborough, MA. Please contact Linda for more information or to incorporate Trager into your schedule!