What is Energy Work?

by Francesca Marrone

I get asked this question a lot since I became a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner in 2016. My experience with Energy Healing is that it is a form of healing that involves removing blocked energy within a person’s body. This can be done using a hands-on or hands-off technique. The technique is a form of the ancient healing of “laying of the hands”. Distance healings are another technique and are used when the client is not physically present with the practitioner. These healings can be very powerful and effective.

How Energy Healing works is the Practitioner is the channel for this healing energy and will assist the energy to move through the client’s body. The flow of energy helps remove the blockages in the person’s body, through the energy centers, the chakras. The removal of these blockages allows the client’s body to activate their own natural ability to heal themselves.

These energic blocks usually come from an event that has caused the client to not feel well or feel unbalanced. These events may include the following:  after a recent crisis or trauma; after surgery or hospital stay; when you feel stuck or at a crossroad; when you’re feeling confused or unclear; working through childhood/past life trauma; in a life transition; or any time. There are just some days we feel off and need an energetic adjustment.

There are many types of energy healing modalities and techniques. Some of these modalities include Reiki, Full Spectrum/Multi-Vibrational Healing, Polarity therapy, Acupressure, and others. I use a combination of Reiki and Full Spectrum/Multi-Vibrational Healing. Both modalities are very similar. Reiki involves using the one-dimensional heart energy and Full Spectrum uses multi-dimensional healing involving the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the client allowing self-transformation and physical well-being.

Are you ready for your body’s energetic adjustment? Let us know!


Note: Energy healings contribute to your health and well-being, but are not a substitute for medical treatment. Healings do not diagnose medical conditions and do not prescribe treatment, medications, or supplements. For any illness, it is recommended that you consult with your physician.