Tai Chi Meditation

Tai-Chi is a Chinese system of exercise for health,meditation & self defense.
Tai-Chi is practiced in a slow,fluid motion to enable one to be aware of bodily movement and calmness of the mind.
This is an easy,joint-safe way for people of all ages to enjoy exercise.
Benefits include:
Reduced stress and anxiety                            Increased strength
Improved Balance                                            Improved self-image
Increased flexibilty                                           &  overall  attitude
Ron Allen graduated from the Chinese Medicine for Health in Holliston in 2012 in Tai Chi Basic Training for Instructors. He continues to take workshops and attend seminars in Tai Chi to improve his practice and for his own personal journey.
In this workshop, Ron will be sharing the history of Tai Chi, educating us on the basics and then guiding us through a meditation and breathing exercises in the salt room which will help enhance the experience.
The workshop is May 6th from 10 am – noon and the cost is $35. Click here to register.