Remembering Who You Are with Myra

You came into your lifetime with a package; a backpack full of tools that will help you find your way in life. Look inside that backpack and see what you came with in your life journey. You’ll be suprised you have more to work with than you’ve allowed yourself to believe.

Through the practice of channeling, Myra shares with you insights and teaches you how to see clarity in yourself and your life.

The purpose of her work is to show you how to go within yourself and find your innermost qualities. Every human being has a SOUL quality along with certain behavioral patterns, your archetypes.

You are guided through these channeled conversation through your questions. Your true self is discovered from your questions.

In this workshop you will:

  • Receive insights about yourself
  • Learn why your behavioral patterns keep you from moving forward
  • Understand why you portray certain behavioral patterns
  • We will help you discover your SOUL qualities which allows you to see your life direction
  • Receive guidance in how to move yourself forward and help free you from feelings of uncertainty

This guidance helps you remember who you are..

Come and see why so many felt Empowered, Inspired, Renewed, Uplifted, Encouraged, Motivated, Refreshed and Enlightened after experiencing this workshop.