Salt and Allergy Relief

Allergy season is hitting us hard this year. I see people all the time with runny noses, red puffy eyes, headaches, exhaustion. They may or may not be taking medication for these symptoms, either prescribed by their physician or bought over-the-counter at a local drug store. These drugs may help their situation short-term but they… Continue Reading Salt and Allergy Relief

End Snoring

  You lay awake all night not because of your sleep issues, which are bad enough, but because your significant other is sleeping like a baby while raising the roof on the house with their snoring. You are angry, frustrated and TIRED! It took years of dealing with my husband’s sleep apnea before he finally… Continue Reading End Snoring

Counterfeit Salt Lamps? Yes!

With the rise in popularity of Himalayan salt lamps, some people have taken advantage of this by creating counterfeits. For salt lamps to have beneficial effects, they should come from crystals that are mined from deep in the Earth. Some Himalayan salt lamps are made from crystals that are close to or on the surface… Continue Reading Counterfeit Salt Lamps? Yes!

Napping – A Key to Success

Humans are always on the go and do not know how to slow down and take it easy anymore. Because of this, many of us suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders. An interesting fact is that greater than 85% of mammalian species take short naps throughout the day but, the interesting thing is, unless… Continue Reading Napping – A Key to Success

Why Am I Sick All the Time?

Imbalanced hormones can be a key component in why you can’t lose weight. This becomes more obvious as we age and the ability to handle stress and eliminate toxins decreases. Undiagnosed hypothyroidism has become rampant in our society. Even if your TSH looks “okay” by conventional medicine, if you have trouble losing weight and/or feel… Continue Reading Why Am I Sick All the Time?

Anxiety and Salt Therapy

When I first thought about creating a healing space where people could connect as a community to get well through functional medicine and alternative practices, a salt room seemed like the ideal venue. Salt therapy, or halotherapy, is a healing modality that may be used to help relieve the symptoms of allergies, asthma, COPD, emphysema… Continue Reading Anxiety and Salt Therapy