Our First Year and What Our Clients are Saying

Just Breathe, a salt room by New Beginnings to Health has just celebrated it’s first year and what a first year it has been!

When Just Breathe opened March 8th, 2017, I was new to owning a business but well experienced in the medical field having worked in it for 30 years. I was shocked and thrilled to have a place where people could find natural symptom relief from allergies, asthma and other chronic breathing conditions as well as a place where they could find peace and an oasis from their daily stressors.  I also was providing a space to holistic practitioners to be able to affordably offer their skills and services in a public place.

I had NO idea that Just Breathe would turn into such a community of people who were searching for non-medical means of finding symptom relief for themselves, loved ones and family members or that a team of talented and amazing alternative practitioners would find their way to our center.

My very first client, who tells anyone that will listen how amazing the salt room is, came recommended to me by her acupuncturist. This woman was born with a breathing condition that was worsened by the fact that she was exposed to black mold in her previous home AND works with young children who constantly expose her to the latest in colds and flu. The first day I met her was a year ago and we still laugh about that day. Her scarf was wrapped around her head and, literally, all I could see of her was her eyes because the cold air made her cough – and she was very sick! She sat in the salt room for the 45 minute session and couldn’t believe the immediate relief that she felt. When she first started coming, she would visit us 2 or 3 times a week. This past winter, she was fighting an infection and came to the salt room every day for almost a week. She was able to avoid that infection becoming a major problem and lost fewer work days because the salt helped build her immune system and kept that infection at bay.

A gentleman started coming around the beginning of flu season. I like to ask my clients what brought them to Just Breathe. He was googling ways to avoid catching the flu and dry salt therapy came up. He was curious and searched further to only to discover that it is offered right up the street from where he works. He is convinced that “Patient 0” at his company has the cubicle next to his in the office that he works at. He would come to the salt room once a week during flu season and now has to use up vacation days because he did not take even one sick day this year!

Our clients at Just Breathe range from mothers and their children (call for family hours), small business owners who can not afford to get sick (one of my favorite clients is an accountant who comes here for a quick nap to stay focused and well during tax season), holistic practitioners, and just regular every day people. The population that comes here tend to be those who do not have a lot of time but know that they need to take care of themselves and take a break. They are not necessarily looking for a “spa” experience but a quiet, restful place to just sit back, relax and stay or get well.

Come enjoy our salt room. Your first visit is just $30 and we offer packages and memberships for individuals and families who need the salt room for more chronic conditions.