Natural Symptom Relief for Allergies

Allergies are your immune system overreacting to its environment. Allergies can be reversed through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices (besides avoiding the allergen!) and, while learning how to reverse your allergies, there are plenty of natural, non-medicinal ways to find symptom relief.

Let’s talk about what allergies actually are:

Your body is exposed to a multitude of viruses, bacteria, allergens, etc. every day and a strong, healthy immune system is patrolling your body, finding things it might be concerned with and removing them quietly behind the scenes, while you go about your daily business. When your body decides that is needs to send out the big guns to remove something, you have symptoms such as headaches, itchy eyes, runny nose, swelling – in short, you feel pretty unwell. It’s not the allergens that are making you sick, it is your immune system asking you for help.

Because you are unwell, you may go to your physician to help you deal with your allergy symptoms. The doctor may put you on medications which will help you manage the symptoms of your reaction but will cause you other problems. Some common symptoms that are a direct result of taking medication are:

Dry mouth


Nausea/ Vomitting


Trouble urinating

Blurred Vision

Confusion/ Foggy Brain

High Blood Pressure

Weight Gain



Suppresses immune system function

Many allergy medications may have a decongestant. These may initially shrink swollen nasal tissues and blood vessels but long-term use can actually make the symptoms worse, raise blood pressure and cause insomnia!

I don’t know about you but I don’t want any of those side effects!

What are your options?

For day-to-day, I typically recommend that my clients take an herbal supplement called quercetin combined with bromelain. Quercetin is a natural anti-histamine found in apples. Bromelain enhances the reaction of quercetin and is found in pineapple. Anti-histamines work by blocking histamines from binding to the red blood cells. When histamines bind to red blood cells the blood vessels become enlarged and cause redness, swelling and itching. Why not combat the anti-histamines with something provided to us by nature.

Dry salt therapy, which is most commonly offered in salt rooms, is another natural way to manage allergies. The salt is breathed deep into the lungs and breaks up the mucus that is trapped in there, allowing people to breathe easier. It also shrinks the nasal tissues that have become swollen by the activation of the histamines. Since salt is inhaled instead of ingested, it does not affect blood pressure. Also, it does not suppress the immune system. When you suppress your immune system, you have a difficult time responding to microbes, viruses and even cancer in your body and you get sick easier.

Many people are becoming more aware that they have choices on how to treat their symptoms and manage the dis-ease in their body. Choose health! Nature provides us for symptom relief for everything without covering up your symptoms and making the concern worse.