Many people have heard of or experienced Reiki and many people have heard of hypnosis.

Deb Butler, Registered nurse and Certified Hypnotist, has combined the two to enhance your spiritual healing.

Reiki works by cleansing blocked Chakras and allowing universal life force energy to flow through a person’s body to produce greater comfort and relaxation which helps the healing work of hypnosis. Hypno-Reiki not only helps to relieve stress, pain and agitation but it enhances the physical healing that promotes the sense of mental clarity and calmness.

Deb Butler has been a registered nurse for 30 years. She graduated from an intensive Hypnotherapy course at the Heart-Centered Wellness Center in the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Deb is also a Level 2 Usui Practitioner. She is the founder of DB Healing Therapies.

Deb uses the combination of all of her skills to enhance and enlighten your awareness during a Reiki session. She is the only person in this area working in this combined modality. She has used this program with great success and is currently seeing clients at Just Breathe.

Deb uses Hypno-Reiki to help people with weight loss, overcoming anxiety and stress management. Deb also helps people heal through past life regressions.

“I met Debbie a while back when she reached out to me to host a medium psychic session at her house. The second I arrived I knew Debbie was gifted. So happy to know she is extending her services to the world. Go get em Debbie ♥ Thank you for sharing your gifts.” – Michelle M.

“Deb creates a warm, welcoming environment.  Her voice is soothing and her suggestions are powerful.  I’m so glad for this experience and thankful.” – K.R. 

To set up your appointment with Deb or discuss with her how Hypno-Reiki can best help you, email her at dbhealingtherapies@gmail.com.