Natural Relief for Ear Infections

I wish I had known about salt therapy when my kids were small!

I have two boys who are now grown and chronic ear infections are no longer a concern with them. However, when they were small, they both had surgeries to put tubes in their ears for chronic ear infections.

I was pregnant with my second child when my first received his first set of tubes. I could not go with him when he received his anesthesia because of my pregnancy, but my husband did. I’ll never forget the look of sheer panic on his face. I don’t know how they do it now, but then they had my husband hold his pride and joy, put a mask over my then 1 year old’s face and put him to sleep. My child fought the process which, of course, made my husband even more upset.

By the time a child needs tubes, typically they have gone through several rounds of antibiotics. Those antibiotics still affect my boys’ health today since, now we know, that antibiotics alter our body’s own healthy gut and kill off what we need for proper nutrition and digestion.

An ear infection, especially in children, is caused by a build-up of mucus in the eustachian tube. This is a small tube that connects the ear to the throat. The tube may swell and this creates a blockage that causes pain and stuffiness making the child uncomfortable. Of course, because they can’t tell us what is wrong, they cry which adds to the fluid and makes things worse. All that trapped fluid acts for a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and thrive.

Parents are becoming more saavy about alternative therapies and many are looking for other ways to ease their children’s pain and suffering without antibiotics or surgery.

Salt therapy offers one such treatment. Salt therapy traces its origins back to the 1800’s when monks, the healers of the time, recognized that if they brought patients to the salt caves, that their respiratory issues would be reduced and, in some cases, even eliminated.

Today, scientists have found a way to mimic that therapy using a machine called a halogenerator. People sit in a relaxing room. They might enjoy some music or a guided meditation, read or sleep while pure, pharmaceutical grade salt is dispersed into the room. This salt dries out the nasal passages, strengthens the immune system and decreases the swelling in the sinus cavities so that the fluid can be eliminated from the body.

Different salt rooms (or caves) have different policies but salt therapy is believed to be safe for infants as well as adults. At Just Breathe we allow infants as young as 2 months to enjoy the benefits of the salt room with their parents or guardians. Book during Family Sessions or call 508-366-8292 to schedule a session.

Salt therapy works! And if I can prevent just one family from experiencing the trauma that we went through with both my boys, it will be cause for celebration.