Finding Relief from Pain in a Natural Way – the Trager Approach

The Trager approach uses gentle, non-intrusive, natural movements to help people retrain their body and their mind on how to be at ease and reduce and even eliminate pain. One client of Linda’s had been seeing a physical therapist for weeks for pain in her shoulder and combined that with a deep-tissue massage every other week. After spending 15 minutes with Linda learning the Trager approach, she found almost immediate relief.

Another of Linda’s clients had been suffering with neck pain that kept her from working out and doing other things that she loved. After spending an hour with Linda, she was not searching out a pain-reliever to help her get through her day for over 3 weeks.

Linda brings her calm demeanor and sense of humor to group and individual sessions. In group sessions, there is a sense of play as you learn to let go of tension and old holding patterns in the body. During individual sessions, Linda teaches her clients to completely relax and retrain the brain away from what is causing the body pain.

Linda MacConnell, LMT, has been in the bodywork field for over 20 years.  She graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 1994, where she has been an instructor since 1998. She has developed the curriculum for special classes that only she teaches called “Self awareness and body movement” throughout the program.

Her passion is to encourage massage students and professionals to develop patterns of movement that are safe, efficient, and lead to a long and fulfilling career.

Her lifelong love of dance and movement awareness lead her to discover the Trager® Approach. She became a Certified Trager Practitioner in 2012 and an authorized Trager Introductory Workshop Leader in 2015. Trager has allowed her the space to develop her inner awareness and let go of many patterns of holding. It has enhanced her life as a practitioner, a mother, a wife, and a person. She now lives more centered, grounded and more deeply connected to her inner spirit.

Linda is available for individual sessions at Just Breathe by appointment only and is offering group workshops the 1st Thursday  morning and 3rd Friday evening of every month.