Fight Anxiety with an Anti-Anxiety Package

Does the end of summer bring on anxiety? Or, perhaps, you already have anxiety without going back to school or work after summer vacation. Just Breathe has the answer! Come in and enjoy our “Anti-Anxiety” Package. You get:

  • Three 45 minute salt room sessions
  • One mini salt lamp to put on your desk when you work or bed when you sleep
  • One essential oil rollerball created specifically to help relieve anxiety

Himalayan salt, the salt that the wall in the salt room and the salt lamp is made of, naturally emits negative ions. These ions alter our biochemistry in such a way that we release more serotonin, the “feel good” hormone. This means we feel less stressed and anxious.  You will also receive an essential oil blend in a rollerball which you can take with you to help relieve anxiety anywhere at any time. This blend includes lavender to help calm, vetiver to help feel more stable and frankincense to enhance the properties of the other oils and help center you.

We are offering this $150 package for just $99 until September 30th.

Purchase on-line here and pick out your salt lamp and receive your rollerball at your first visit.