Care for Your Back

        Care for Your Back –  A Trager® for Daily Life Class

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           Movement Re-Education for Everyday Life

  • Decrease stress and tension in body and mind
  • Find greater ease in all kinds of daily activities
  • Heighten awareness that can help improve posture and prevent overuse injuries


Learn an approach to movement that you can use to bring relaxation, awareness and purposeful intention to your everyday activities, in any area of your life by developing simple self-care habits.  Achieved through movement exploration, discussion,  and some basic functional anatomy. Leave feeling lighter, freer and more empowered to make positive changes towards your overall well being.                                                           

Investment:    $35.00              Date: Friday, June 16th     7 pm

Register on-line or by calling 508-366-8292                                                               

For questions, contact Linda:  508-783-6200

Linda MacConnell  is a Certified Trager Practitioner, Trager Intro Workshop Leader, and a Trager for Daily Life Class Facilitator. She has been a bodyworker for over 20 years. She is an Instructor at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy and incorporates mindful movement for all students of life.         

To watch a 2 minute video about this class, please check out: