Back to You with Trager

Back to You:  A 4 week Trager® for Everyday Life experience.

Have you thought about the connection between your body and your mind? I bet that you have, because mindfulness is everywhere right now. Dr. Milton Trager developed an approach that integrates the two through movement and awareness.

Did you know that sitting at a desk does not cause your neck or back tension? It is HOW you are sitting at the desk that can cause pain or disfunction. That also applies to standing, walking, running, washing the dishes, etc. It’s the HOW that makes it good for you, or not… It’s more than ergonomics, placing your screen at the correct level etc. That is only part of the HOW.

We need to add in what I like to think of as “inner ergonomics”. This is where the Trager Approach comes in. What if you are holding tension in your neck muscles because your 10 -pound head is slightly forward? Your muscles are gripping and holding that weight up, and here’s the most important piece… You may not even know that you are doing that! What if you had help building your awareness so that that pattern of holding could dissolve? What would it feel like to gently rest your head at the top of your spine? What if you were given images that help that feeling of effortlessness, lightness, and comfort settle in? That is how patterns are transformed, by continuously offering new possibilities of HOW we move! Efficient movement is healthy movement and offers us a feeling of agelessness.

There are two ways of learning the Trager Approach, and both support the learning process of the other. The first is a Trager for Daily Life Class. It is a time for you to slow down, explore and to be playful with your movement patterns. Movement can be a way to reach the unconscious mind and the patterns that lie there. You will have the opportunity to sense what feels good for your body, mind and soul. Often, all we need is some time and focus to discover new possibilities of HOW we can feel. Join Linda in this self-discovery practice!

In Back to You, Linda will guide you in a head-to-toe Trager for Daily Life Practice that starts in your feet during the first session and works up to your head and neck in the last. This weekly series will allow your understanding of the information to deepen from week to week so that you will have a solid sense of ways to integrate the principles into everyday activities with ease.

This program will meet on Friday evenings from 6:30 – 8 pm at Just Breathe starting on September 8th and running through September 29th. You will enjoy the added benefit of having the anti-inflammatory effect of dry salt therapy during your sessions. Space is strictly limited to 8 people and the cost is $35 per session or pre-register for the 4 class series for just $120.