Athletes – Give Yourself an Edge Over Your Competition

Whether you are serious athlete or a weekend warrior, a salt room can help you up your game and improve recovery.

National teams in Eastern Europe regularly integrate Salt Therapy into their training programs. Teams spend a week at a time training in huge underground salt caves, such as the one in Poland, Romania and Ukraine which boasts a salt therapy unit with an underground sport-field and basketball court/ football pitch.

Every athlete knows that every advantage counts. Salt therapy can help you get that edge over your opponent that will lead to victory. It will help you reach your absolute, maximum potential through improving your breathing patterns and lung capacity, recovering more quickly and reducing your chances of developing a cold or the flu which would keep you from performing at your peak.

Increase Lung Capacity

Breathing pure pharmaceutical grade salt into the lungs not only helps break up mucus but it also helps maintain clear airways after an individual has experienced the salt room. Having clear lungs improves athletic performance by:

  • Increasing stamina and performance
  • Decreasing the production of lactic acid which decreases soreness
  • Decreasing dehydration
  • Increasing gaseous exchange in the lungs allowing more oxygen to reach your tissues

Athletes find that by optimizing their breathing, they can have better performance using less breath. This allows for more air in reserves for improved athletic results.

Faster Recovery Time

Salt is also naturally anti-inflammatory which means that after spending hours tearing apart your muscles and tendons to rebuild them, the inflammation that results will be greatly reduced and you will experience less soreness and fatigue after resting in a salt room.

Supporting Your Immune System

              A side effect of hours of training is frequently a suppressed immune system. As our body is stressed from high levels of activity, it  sends out cortisol which is a hormone that is released when our bodies are constantly put into stress. When this hormone is released on a consistent basis, it suppresses our immune system and, after several weeks of hard training, we catch a cold just  2 weeks before the big event.

Salt is naturally antimicrobial. It enters into our system through our nasal cavities and skin and prevents any viruses or bacteria that have made their way into our system from multiplying and stimulating our immune system into a reaction.


Making salt therapy a part of your training routine can induce better lung function, improve performance while preventing respiratory weaknesses and improve recovery time so that you can get back into your game faster and stronger. Why not get an edge? All athletes, regardless of their level of play, may benefit from sessions in the salt room.