Ask Your Question: A Channel Workshop with Myra

Friday, May 19th 6-8 pm


What is that lingering question inside you?

Join us at our next workshop and ask YOUR question or share that particular challenge you are experiencing.  Through the practice of channeling, Myra shares with you insights and teaches you how to see clarity in yourself and your life.

In this workshop you will:

–  Learn why your behavioral patterns keep you from moving forward

–  Understand why you portray certain behavioral patterns

– We will help you discover your SOUL Characteristics which allows you to see your life direction

–  Receive guidance in how to move yourself forward and help free you from feelings of uncertainty

Having this knowledge gives you the tools you need towards living life freely.

Come and see why so many felt Empowered, Inspired, Renewed, Uplifted, Encouraged, Motivated, Refreshed and Educated after experiencing this workshop.

Register here or by calling 508-366-8292.