Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Spend an evening where one can meditate, relax, de-stress and connect with all “that is” through the vibrational sounds of the Alchemy Quartz Crystal singing bowls.

We begin with a guided meditation that brings us into a state of relaxation as we set an intention for ourselves. The harmonic sounds of the bowls play for sixty minutes while giving an uplifting experience as your manifestations come to fruition.

The experience is enhanced in the salt room.


            Black Tourmaline: Purification and Protection

Blue Moonstone: Inner Harmony and New beginnings

Super 7: Spiritual powerhouse

Azeztulite Indium: “I AM” energy

Violet Flame: Divinity in Action

Charcoal Clear:  Release of Toxins

Ladradorite: Transformation

Rose Quartz:Love

And Danielle is adding to her collection all the time. Her newest bowl is the Grandfather Sage.