natural allergy relief

People are already starting to complain about their allergy symptoms in New England. How do you manage your allergies? Have you considered trying salt therapy? Two years ago in May, I was on a retreat in Vermont. I was not having fun. Not because the retreat wasn’t fabulous. It totally was. However, I had a… Continue Reading natural allergy relief

Are You feeling blue this winter?

If the winter weather has you feeling down and even downright depressed, you may suffer from SAD, also known as, Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a type of depression. Symptoms of it include oversleeping or having problems with sleep, losing interest in activities that you once enjoyed, low energy, difficulty concentrating, and other signs of… Continue Reading Are You feeling blue this winter?

How Can We Help You?

Just Breathe is much more than a salt room. It is a community. A community of people who want to be and stay healthy and understand that doing so involves so much more than visiting the doctor for a yearly check-up. The people in this community do not define themselves by their symptoms and while… Continue Reading How Can We Help You?